Canada border services

Canada Border Services Agency
A Commitment to Fairness

In your dealings with the Canada Border Services Agency, you can expect:

Respect and courtesy
We will treat you in a respectful, professional and considerate manner.

Fair application of the law
We will administer all applicable laws in an objective, unbiased and non discriminatory manner.

Privacy and confidentiality
We will be discreet and tactful in our interactions with you and we will respect your rights to privacy and confidentiality.

Bilingual service
We will respect your right to communicate with and receive services from the Canada Border Services Agency in English and in French in designated bilingual offices.

Accurate information about entitlements and obligations
We will respond to your requests for information in a timely manner.

Review of our actions or decisions
We will review our actions or decisions if you believe that the Agency has not met its commitment to fairness, or if you believe that you have not received full entitlements under the law or that the law has not been applied fairly. You may speak to a manager on-site, or contact the local CBSA office at a later date.

July 2005
Canada Border Crossing Fairness Initiative

The Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Fairness Initiative is designed to ensure that all Canadians and visitors to Canada receive high-quality service at the border and throughout all their dealings with the CBSA.

This Initiative is built on six pillars: respect and courtesy, fair application of the law, privacy and confidentiality, bilingual service, accurate information about entitlements and obligations, and review of our actions or decisions.

The Fairness Initiative provides an opportunity to:

* increase our understanding of clients’ needs and expectations;
* increase clients’ understanding of our role;
* identify business improvements;
* gain greater cooperation and improve communication with our clients;
* increase public support for the organization;
* deal with complaints quickly and fairly before they become major disputes; and
* let us learn what we need to know to improve our service to you.

The CBSA recognizes clients’ right to comment and we will actively solicit feedback from them. We aim to investigate complaints effectively and promptly. At all times we will be honest and fair in our dealings with clients.

The CBSA will:

* treat clients with respect, courtesy and fairness at all times;
* treat clients’ comments confidentially;
* not discriminate against clients for any reason;
* address all comments or concerns; and
* issue a full response.

The CBSA will enhance the complaints and compliments process by increasing its capabilities to respond to clients’ comments and concerns. This will allow Canadians and visitors to Canada to report and resolve border related issues quickly and easily.

The CBSA is looking at other border organizations’ approach to fairness in order to establish the best system possible for Canadians and visitors to Canada.

Until the Fairness Initiative is established, the CBSA encourages its clients to provide feedback on how they were treated at the border, by speaking to a manager on-site or by contacting the local CBSA office at a later date.

The CBSA is unwavering in its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Canadians, while preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.